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Fairweather Ski Works

Sustainable and handcrafted ski and snowboards,

Built around the values of self-reliance and sustainability, Fairweather Ski Works handcrafts skis and snowboards out of locally harvested Sitka Spruce and birch wood in “the biggest and baddest backyard R&D laboratory in the industry.” Founder and craftsman Graham Kraft uses small-scale timber harvest and local value-adding production that benefits

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Port Chilkoot Distillery

Uncork a bottle and take a sip of integrity.

Port Chilkoot Distillery captures the taste of Alaska with small-batch artisanal spirits made using locally sourced ingredients: water from a nearby lake, organic grains, and hand-gathered herbs like spruce tip and whole juniper berries. Wife and husband team Heather and Sean’s craftsmanship and attention to detail are so exceptional that

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