Located 155 miles south of Juneau on the northern tip of Wrangell Island, Wrangell is a city rich with history. For four decades Wrangell played an important role in three major gold rushes: the Stikine River, Cassiar, and Klondike Gold Rushes, bringing tens of thousands of miners to the community and creating a booming economy. Nowadays visitors can explore the Great Stikine River, view glaciers and wildlife, fish, camp, hike, or comb the beach or Garnet Ledge for treasures!

Getting Here

Get here by plane or boat. Alaska Airlines operates flights to Wrangell daily from Seattle, Anchorage, Juneau, Petersburg, and Ketchikan. Other local air charters also serve Wrangell. By boat, the Alaska Marine Highway provides ferry service within Alaska and occasionally to and from Bellingham, Washington. Breakaway Ferry is a local private ferry with service to other Southeast Alaska communities. The schedule changes based on need, so please call ahead. Small and medium cruise ships also stop in Wrangell, and many local jet boat charter operators also provide water taxi services.

Home of the “Great River”

The Stikine River, whose name means “Great River” in the Tlingit language, is just seven miles north of downtown and connects the town’s history. Tlingit people used the waterway to build a trading empire with the interior Native people, and the river was also the pathway for three gold rushes. Explore the history and culture of Wrangell, or spark your enthusiasm for the great outdoors with world-class fishing, boating, hot springs-soaking, or beachcombing for garnets. For more information on activities, accommodations, and planning your trip click the link below.


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