Higdáa G̱ándlaay

Hydaburg sits on the southwest coast of Prince of Wales Island, and is the most populous community of Haida people in the U.S. The community is rooted in tribal values. Come see the culture’s relationships to the land and sea, as residents take great pride in their ability to harvest resources in a traditional manner. Hydaburg is also home to artists, carvers and weavers. Beyond the Native culture, there are lots of trails to hike and explore!

Getting Here

Get here by plane or boat. Smaller regional airlines like Alaska Seaplanes fly to Prince of Wales Island. The Alaska Marine Highway System (ferry), the Inter-Island Ferry Authority, and regional boat operators also provide transportation to and from the island.

Rich in Haida Culture

During the early 1700s, a group of Haida people crossed from Haida Gwaii (formerly called the Queen Charlotte Islands) to Prince of Wales Island. The local villages that were established consolidated in Hydaburg in 1911, and Hydaburg is now the most populous community of Haidas in the U.S. The annual Hydaburg Culture camp teaches Haida language, song, dance, carving, weaving, beading, and traditional food gathering and preparation, and is followed by Haida Festival usually the last week of July. Explore the culture! Visitors can also explore Forest Service trails, picnic areas, and points of interest by driving the blacktop road off the Hollis Highway. For more information on activities, accommodations, and planning your trip click the link below.

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