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We are excited to share the beauty and local culture of our rainforest home with travelers like you — those who seek out meaningful and responsible visitor experiences, want to know their dollars are supporting local businesses, and care about the impact they leave behind.

Southeast Alaska is ready to welcome you

Now that travelers can once again enjoy our communities, we are asking you to join in our efforts to help keep Southeast Alaska safe and open for travel.

State of Alaska Covid-19 Information

Southeast Alaska has been a leader in the state with high vaccination rates and low case numbers. This has allowed our communities to safely welcome back travelers. Please remember to follow state, city, and community covid guidelines during your visit, as many of our communities have limited access to healthcare. For more information and data on vaccination rates and case numbers please visit the State of Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Covid-19 page.

Traveler Covid-19 Information

Alaska is now offering unvaccinated travelers the opportunity for free pre-travel testing and free vaccinations at participating airports. When visiting Southeast you can receive a free vaccine at the Juneau International Airport and free testing in Sitka, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Yakutat. Visit Alaska’s Safe Travels page for more information on city and state travel guidelines.

Getting here is part of the adventure

by sea,

Take the time to travel by sea on The Alaska Marine Highway System.

Southeast Alaska is made up of islands, inlets, and very few major roads. Cruising to your destination by ferry is the ultimate scenic route when traveling Southeast Alaska. With ports in 13 Southeast communities and routes starting as far as Bellingham, ferries are the ideal transport for taking in the beauty of Southeast Alaska’s pristine coastline. For a more catered experience, there are also many opportunities to travel by small cruise ship throughout Southeast Alaska. Please visit the Alaska Marine Highway System website for more information.

From east coast to west, flying to Southeast Alaska has never been easier.

With Delta and Alaska Airlines offering daily flights to 7 communities, getting here just got a whole lot simpler. For inter-regional travel, Alaska Seaplanes offers commuter flights and flightseeing tours to iconic Southeast destinations.

by air,

let's get you here

Need advice for navigating Southeast Alaska? Browse our travel information page. We offer tips and info on how to get the most out of your travel time.

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